“Original” The Police on the scene when they witnessed the incident. Here is what happened to LA film makers, Skyecam Drone Crew during their documentary filming on Skid Row with a Drone. The inside scoop from LAPD. Downtown Los Angeles. Skid Row FPV from a Drone.

Custom Built Drone by Skyecam:
Discovery Pro / Quadcopter / Spider Landing Gear
Zenmuse H3-3D / GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition
Futaba 14SG / 433mhz UHF
1.2GHz 800mw video transmitter


  1. This comment section is just filled and fueled by hate, racism and stupidity. Assumtion is the mother of all fuck ups and that's all I've read. You assume you know the struggle and story of every person here in LA. Please. You are all blinded by your experiences or lack thereof.

  2. Born and raised in LA and let me tell you LAPD is so damn corrupted it's not even cool! Some of these drugs dealers have enough $$ to pay the bad cops off! I been through skid row multiple times and have made videos there and no fucking bum or druggie are gonna tell me what I can't do! Legalize ccw in LA and these drug dealers will be gone in weeks,

  3. Welcome to los santos motherfuckers. What y'all thought gta v was a game? It's based off true hood shit. No white/non banging member should be out in that city alone, and recording. If I was out there, i would think you tryna record us to get us busted or some shit. You would've got hurt, and drone destroyed.

  4. What the hell were you expecting? Not only is your drone invasive to these folks but it's a slap in their faces as your drone costs more than what they would see in a month.

  5. Typical at the end Idgaf if no cameras around me I'm running all those poor slave coons over like the worthless piece of dog shit that they are lmao.

  6. what fucking idiots, skidrow isn't something to fuck with. its not a zoo, those people live there and when they see some punk ass bitches with a drone, they're first thoughts aren't gonna be "oh they're making a documentary" they're gonna flip shit homie, another thing, they know the cars that pass through there, me and my got a gun pulled on us just for passing through. don't be a shithead. wish ya'll would have gotten fucked up

  7. Driven through here a few times and not fun….next worst is tent city next to the rose bowl. Then you have tent city in Anaheim along the river channel.

    The problem is these people would rather live in the streets than in a free house. They are so fucked up….

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