Video footage shows the charred ruins of hundreds of homes in Coffey Park, Santa Rosa, after one of the deadliest fire days in California’s history. Several people have died in fires across the state, 20,000 people have been evacuated from their homes and more than 2,000 structures have been destroyed, officials have said. Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fires

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  1. Any relation to story from NASA. saying asteroid orbiting very close to earth..Next day this happens all b.s. from powers that be…They r destroying our home Earth…..all b s…….wake up people B4 it's too late…..Yahshua bless you

  2. im surprise US military doesn't even have a plane similar to AG600 that could scoop 12,000kg of water from lake in 20seconds. mabbe they have but not using it coz its California.

  3. conservatives and christians supported trump, that is why hurricanes hit Florida , Louisiana and texas , The devil worshipers will be destroyed

  4. I ask you.. how is it the houses are dissolved and the trees remain..even many of the leaves remain???? What is it you are really seeing?

  5. Why are all the trees and shrubs left standing, all along the houses & roads? It seems impossible, almost like the houses were turned to powder by a directed energy weapon or something!

  6. What a destruction. One is shaken. I wish that our german government will provide California with any support that is feasible.

  7. Just recently the destruction of ALMousel, AlRaqa, AlMadeen, AlFaloga, AlAnbar, Baghdad….Afghanistan…. silence about Burmese crimes against the Muslims .I hope president Trump realises that because he is not freemasons, the devil will not come to his rescue like his predecessors.

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