Video shows the moment of impact when a U.S. ‘Mother of all Bombs’ was dropped on an ISIS cave and tunnel system in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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  1. This is terrible. We can't just go MOABing other countries, just because we feel as though ISIS is there. They are global ; and you want to know what ISIS means? Islamic State of Syria and Iraq. Yea. So just because they had Bin-Laden, doesn't mean that they have ISIS. You have just killed many innocent people. So stop before 9/11 happens agian, and worry about Americas problems. Dang Trump

  2. Who's dropping the bombs? The military? The US? Who created and funds Al Quada and Isis? The Rockerfellers, the Bushs, the Kochs, etc, etc. You're all proud peasants bowing to self-appointed kings for a few scraps from a table laden with food that rightly belongs to you.

  3. In case you're wondering why a MOAB was used and not something else: the MOAB was specifically built for the purpose of obliterating large but shallow and not hardened cave systems and/or other soft but spread-out targets. No, it wasn't Trump going "lol let's drop the yugest bomb we have", nobody takes decisions that way.

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