Drone footage recorded over the Nepalese capital Kathmandu shows the scale of destruction following a major earthquake.


  1. putlara heykellere tapmayın, sizi bizi yoktan var eden yaratan Yüce Allah'a tapın, önünde saygıyla eğilin dua edinki, O'da sizi korusun yerinizi sağlamlaştırsın eyyy insan topluluğu…

  2. And Sky's contribution to the victims is…….. (well other than filming them with a drone)…how many dollars????  Surely it created viewers..( i.e money.. for Sky).   So just curious how much did Sky contribute?

  3. God is merciful on Nepal…He has shaken Nepal so that they may wake up and see that their idols (bhudism & hinduism) CAN NEVER save anyone, let alone themselves (idols)…God is giving them a second chance to turn and Jesus and repent….

  4. %%%%% About 5 dozen tourists have died in this earthquake; and many foreigners who survived luckily have helped in resque and some have left nepal.

  5. the CERN Super Colider was turned on at this EXACT time. Coincidence? It changes the Earths Magnetic Field. Unprecedented amount of earthquakes at same depth and more eruptions than ever before, all in line with CERN activation times. They are preparing to go FULL POWER IN JUNE.

  6. Is it aftermath of 7.8 earthquake ? Some historic and civil buildings collapsed. Most the rest are undamaged. Holyshit earthquake!

  7. Urgent help needs to be given to villages near the border with Tibet  near the epicenter.Helicopters will be needed to drop aid to the villages.

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