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  1. @Alex. Which drone do you use for your amazing records(time= 12:41)? and how long does it take to learn how to fly like tihs??? and also: is there a camera gyro or sth that controls the camera?

  2. This buggy is awesome! (as well as the splash drone) Keep it up, looking forward to the splash drone episode 😉

  3. One BIG thought I had while watching this… Why would any device that is GPS enabled in some way every have the time wrong? When you go to the Splash Drone footage, it showed Jane 1 2016 at 2:xx am. Isn't the correct date/time part of what makes GPS actually work? GPS broadcasts current time/date info.

  4. +FliteTest +Alex Zvada in section starting from 4:50 of free-styling and chasing planes was it you all the time behind the the sticks? your skills are awesome! That smooth free-stile was pleasant to watch.

  5. Please PLEASE make a replica of the b-29 super fortress and use those new crop dusting motors you got last July. put a go pro in the cockpit too. you can tell it inspired the falcon in star wars. I the the cockpit of the b-29

  6. just had an idea for something you guys could do. make a quad quad copter. or even a quad quad quad copter. think a bigger x-frame. with little x-frames where the motors would be. repeat as many times as feasible. like a mandlebrot. but it's a mandlequad

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