A VHS textured dystopian ‘anti-club’ music video focusing entirely on a woman in her bedroom and an Orwellian projection (save for a mute cameo from the artist).

Taking cues from the driving repetition of the track, the insular life of a girl is played out over multiple variations of a theme. Using different colours, shapes, moods, wardrobe, set dressing and textures it aims unsettle and un-nerve and ultimately embody the title in it’s drone-like nihilism.

Drone Logic is the lead single from Daniel Avery’s premiere album also titled ‘Drone Logic’. Out on Phantasy records now.

Red Scarlet, Anamorphic, VHS

Director: Joshua Lipworth (joshualipworth.com)
DOP: David Wright (davidwrightdop.com)
Art Director: Kate Sullivan
Steadicam Operator: James Elias
Producer: Yumi Tsoy
Editor: Alexander Thompson
Colourist: Mark Meadows (Smoke&Mirrors)
Lead Actress: Jessie Inchauspe

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