Henning Pedersen and students of the University of Oslo (all Norway) built a giant drone which has flown into the record books after achieving the Heaviest payload lifted by a remote-controlled multicopter. Read full story:

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Named the Megacopter, the unmanned autocraft lifted an incredible weight of 61 kg (134 lb 7.6 oz, excluding the weight of the craft itself) when it was officially tested at the Oslo Science Park, Oslo, Norway.

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  1. Pretty much useless piece of crap…. they need to set rules to lift object for 30 minutes at least 10 meters in air 😀 and then most things you will have is battery 😀 and like 5% weight to carry remaining

  2. Pfff. Everyone, who is older than 10 can do system like this. -Father , please buy me 8 quadrocopters ! Than he connect them with the rope with some weight – thats it. We done! The same system, as on video showed. Why be proud for?

  3. This made me laugh. I am from the year 2068 and we use graphene drones that can lift over 5000 times its own weight. Our nano-drones can lift 60 kgs.

  4. Thanks for this cool educational video! Here's a friendly tip. Please wear safety goggles. You have a prototype machine made almost entirely out of eight structurally interconnected hexacopters, all crammed into a relatively small space full of people. Moore's, Darwin's and Murphy's laws could be in effect here.

  5. Being able to pick up 100+ kg person in remote locations would change search and rescue ops. Launch drones to search large areas and pick up survivors. Would be epic! Although to lift that much would require a significant amount more power than one of those toy drones.

  6. I understand its no small feat, but shouldnt it be heaviest payload lifted by remote controlled multicopter's' ? They basically strapped 8 of them together. Its like me saying heaviest load pulled by a semi truck, but i have a bunch of them attached together to do so.

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