micro droneThe recent reports of a drone collision with two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters does appear reputable – even though previous “proven” reports of drone collisions have afterwards proved untrue.

In this situation, two Black Hawks of the 82nd Airborn Division had been struck by an object noted to be a drone at close to 8pm at night time – and flying at 500 feet, earlier mentioned the authorized restrict for recreational drone flight.  Some news retailers published shots of drone parts – a damaged arm and motor that seemingly arrived from a Phantom 4 – that was actually discovered on the helicopter.

Discovering the drone parts would appear to show that this is without a doubt the very first established incident of a drone hitting a manned plane.  (The helicopter sustained slight problems and landed unharmed, it is important to note.)  In any situation, the “drone mitigation” industry has been quick to choose gain of the publicity.

Declaring that the “pace of incidents is accelerating” and quoting Australian Senator O’Sullivan as expressing that drones stand for a “catastrophe ready to happen” drone mitigation company DroneShield says they are “leading the cost, with each other with proactive civil infrastructure and sector leaders.”

The firm points out that airports typically halt all targeted traffic when a drone is “identified” – generally by visual observation – in the airspace, costing hundreds of hundreds of pounds.  DroneShield supplies identification and neutralization techniques.

“DroneShield’s DroneSentinel drone detection system supplies early warning of an incoming drone, including the spot of the drone and the pilot. The system includes passive radiofrequency, as properly as radar, acoustic, thermal and optical sensors,” says the firm. “DroneSentinel can be optionally merged with a jammer (in the DroneSentry merchandise) to neutralise the incoming drone threat, subsequent the detection. In addition, DroneShield’s DroneGun is capable of cell deployment to intercept rogue drones, as a tactical gun-like jammer. ”

“Because of the chance of loss of daily life and the expenditures involved with drone collisions, major airports are envisioned to adopt counter-drone programs,” says DroneShield. “Several discussions are presently underway amongst DroneShield and airport authorities.”

DroneShield positions by themselves as a proactive alternatively than reactive alternative to the challenge – and it might be an solution that is greatest not only for airports but for the drone industry.  If manned plane is really under threat from recreational drone operators who really do not realize the laws, “mitigation” that involves disabling the drone just before any type of speak to happens could also mitigate some of the drama and undesired publicity that “drone sightings” result in.

Miriam McNabb is the CEO of JobForDrones, a skilled drone expert services marketplace, and a fascinated observer of the emerging drone industry and the regulatory environment for drones. She writes for DRONELIFE on latest news, economical tendencies, and FAA laws. Miriam has a diploma from the College of Chicago and about 20 many years of practical experience in higher tech product sales and marketing for new technologies.
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