Welcome to the world of FPV Drone Racing, Drone Nexus, where all the skilled pilots and drone builders come together. Drone Nationals and Drone Motorsports–a FPV quadcopter racing competition that brings together pilots from all around the world. After two days of races and freestyle stunt performances, we chat with the event’s director and the competition’s eventual winner about the developing sport of FPV aerial racing.

this video was posted as an example to give pilots, builders,sponsors and supporters and example of what drone racing is and stimulate imaginations.


My Cousin Tiesto, for suggesting this heavenly track “ID2” by Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman, it was a perfect fit.

All my friends and family in the Netherlands where i’m pretty sure this whole idea started because the dutch are a combination of crazy and bored, although i have been thinking about this drone racing thing for at least a couple of years, but component resources and time were scarce until recently.

My friends who donated the footage that we did not have on our own.

all the skilled pilots and builder we have helped with ideas and builds.

The companies and sponsors involved for seeing our vision to get young adults and everyone else in touch with their skills they never knew they had,. while having a kick ass blast of adrenaline from all angles.

Our crew and company Carbon 12, who are working very hard to bring many things together to make award winning drone building and how to videos to make a builder and racer out of just about anyone.


  1. Terrorists had better watch out. We can now fly these right into them – with a grenade… What the hell are we waiting for? Imagine 20 of our best pilots sending these into a town and blowing up the bad guys… and not hurting anyone else.

  2. Way to try an steal the most famous quad pilot in the worlds footage. Next time try someone who's not already sponsored and has their videos online with thousands of veiws

  3. isn't this charpu's video? Im pretty sure he was using a QAV250 if your a friend of his my apologies but I know its his vid.

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