JPL engineers put together a drone race to find which is faster – a drone operated by a human or one operated by artificial intelligence. The race capped two years of research into drone autonomy funded by Google.


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  2. I'm surprised the human won. Maybe its using an inaccurate physics model for the AI, or maybe too tight on safety parameters not allowing some slop in the turns (looked very controlled, but I don't think you have the correct inertia or prop wash or some other calculation, because it should be faster). Maybe base the AI on iterating multiple human races (picking the portions that seem to be faster, and compile the fastest route and flight style). That will have its problems since you won't always be at the exact XYZ coordinate for each lap and would require well trained pilots to fly the course first, but that might be a good way to train the AI or finding the physics capabilities of the drone.

    Very impressive start though, wondering what the future will hold.

  3. This is not Autonomous A.I…… It is still controlled by a human………If it was truly Autonomous A.I then you would just turn it on and it would automatically run the track……But a Human had to plot the course for the drone to follow. Therefore it is still controlled by a human. and does not have A.I.

  4. Good early attempt! Assuming that once we fix the sensor issues, within a year (or two), autonomous AI racing drones will be competing against each other, relegating humans to junior leagues. Then, things get interesting…

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