Drone racing is a fast-growing extreme sport in which pilots compete head-to-head with small flying drones while wearing first-person-view goggles.

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Enter the world of drone racing. Once something thought to be the future. They use first person view to ride their drones like they are pod racing from Star Wars. Drone Racing is trying to become the next competitive sport.


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Drone Racing Dreams | The New York Times


  1. This is dope but comparing it to the xgames and skateboarding is shot. Skateboarding has influenced so many people and ontop of that its physically demanding. these are just a ton of kids that have alot of money and play tons of video games

  2. hello I love your page and I would like be a great pilot like you , I have some doubts about the configuration of flight types Hope you can help me, I have a Drone Falcon 250 racer

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