With the popularity of drones growing rapidly over the last 12 months there’s now even a contest. Drone pilots can test their skills in flying their machines around an obstacle course at speeds of 60 mph (100 kph). BBC Click’s Marc Cieslak finds out more.

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  1. Man this is so awesome ! I only just bought my first drone yesterday and can say that to fly these things takes great skill and a hell of a lot of practise !!
    All these guys in this Comp are masters in my eyes !
    I hope to one day fly as well as them soon.
    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. They never show what it actually looks like. They show the HD video from the gopros on the drones, but not the low quality jittery video that you actually see. Thing is, I want to know how good the quality actually gets with the best fatshark goggles and antennas etc, but it's so hard to find that sort of footage.

  3. drone 300 receiver 300 goggles 300 batteries & chargers 300. Thats a whole lot of 300's for 4 minutes of flying time before battery swap just sayin.

  4. I am very surprised they drone racers have not put C flex forks on the front so when they smack concrete or an I-Beam they are not completely destroyed..

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