MultiGP pilots are Dominating the 208 Swatch DRL Tryouts. Newly elected AMA Executive Vice President Answers MultiGP pilot’s questions. The Tiny Whoop “Brewer’s Cup” in Nevada, and more in the next exciting episode of MultiGP News. So stay tuned!

The MultiGP Rundown

AMA EVP Randy Cameron

The Academy of Model Aeronautics recently held their 2017 elections. Randy Cameron was victorious in his bid for Executive Vice President. Randy takes some time to sit down with the MultiGP News Team and answer some of your questions. Protecting the rights of drone racers is high on Randy’s priorities, so he listens very closely to questions from MultiGP pilots. Tune in to find out his thoughts on our sport.

Brewer’s Cup

As Winter approaches, so does the resurgence of Tiny Whoop events! The MultiGP News Team checks in on the MultiGP chapter Nevada Whoop Association. The Brewer’s Cup they recently held for the Tiny Whoop race class was a huge success. The Brewer’s Cup was held in one of the hangars at world-famous Reno/Stead Airport in Reno, Nevada. Reno/Stead Airport was also the location of the MultiGP National Championship earlier this year. Find out more about the Brewer’s Cup in this episode, and see one of the first runnings of the new Tiny WHUTT – a UTT just for the Tiny Whoop Race Class.

MultiGP Pilots DOMINATING the 2018 Swatch DRL Tryouts


We are only two weeks into the 2018 Swatch DRL Tryouts. So far, hundreds of MultiGP pilots have already put in thousands of laps. All of these pilots are competing for a chance at a dream. A professional drone racing contract with the Drone Racing League. But that is not all that is up for grabs. MultiGP pilots also have the chance to win some sweet MultiGP/DRL race gates for their race chapter. The top 5 MultiGP pilots will win a DRL Racer3 of their own! This week the News Team catches up with some of the top MultiGP pilots on the Leaderboard. Tune in to find out how your favorite pilots are doing.

Crash of The Week

Finally, this week the Crash of The Week has a special crash dummy. Tune in to see Cody “CodeRed” Matson show us all how a crash is REALLY done.

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  1. Hey MultiGP thanks for another episode! You've got to help keep us hyped for the upcoming season and help us through the winter hours of darkness. Maybe an episode on gifts for newbies and/or latest advances in in our technology and products.

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