At PISMO beach Ca we flew out at 9:15am and wanted to get some surfers on a phantom 3 …but saw a 10ft shark instead!!
Also if you fly a DJI phantom check out our Website I think you will like what you see😉


  1. There's no telling how many times we've been in the water and one of those things has been close by! That's scary!!

  2. sharks : let them think we are friendly, when there are enough of them in the water we will take them down in one take and become the new earth dominal civilization.

  3. I love the music, and the footage is absolutely beautiful. I can't help but think there's money to be made by reporting shark sitings to surfers. I'd give a few bucks to know where they are if I'm out there…

  4. What kind of shark was it? I know thresher sharks like to hang out under the pismo beach pier. I've heard stories of surfers out there who feel sandpaper brush up against their legs when theyre sitting on their board.

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