Drone Show Korea 2016 FPV Drone Racing Final

[World Drone Racing Championships Qualifier Event 2nd round]

Pilot Minchan-Kim
SP racing F3
Cobra 2204-2300,Xnova 2204-2300
Lumenier 20A ESC(SimonK Autoshot)
Lumenier CM-650 650TVL Camera
HQ 5045BN
Tattu 1300mA 45C
Xiaoyi Action Cam
FatShark Dom V3

please watch this “practice for World drone prix Dubai 2016”

Pilot : Drone Show Korea 2016 FPV Drone Racing Winner Minchan Kim

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  1. This winner was 5th grader in Elementary School, South Korea. Now he is in 6th grade.

    Adults can't beat kids in hand control.

  2. 2:00 blue guy crashed, 2:04 red guy crashed, you can see both sitting on the ground 1-2 seconds later
    sometimes I wonder how many of these races you can win if you just go through it slowly and cautiously.

  3. Jesus. i need a better job. lol i wish this wasn't so expensive to start doing. hopefully one day I can fly this crazy good.

  4. Seems like there is too much momentum going into the hard corners. Is it just full throttle the entire race or they usually try to slow down through the turns?

  5. That looks cool but if they want to make it more spectator-friendly then they should have a gimballed cam because too often you see only the ground when the drone is accellerating. Also a rear cam would be fine to see the drone behind.

  6. 와.. 이제 드론 입문한지 한달쯤 되었는데, 저정도 실력을 갖출때까지 꼭 해보고 싶네요. 멋집니다! It's awesome! even though I started to practice driving racing drone few months ago but, I wish that I would drive like that soon!

  7. I can hear the scream of drone saying "HELPPPP USSSSSS" just listen to that Brxzzzzzz ZZZZZZ GUSHHHHH WOSHHHH WASHBHHH MAGEC sound Good Game mankind

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