We have entered the age of the drone beyond warfare. Extending human capabilities to new horizons, unmanned aerial vehicle technology will increasingly shape our environment in relation to voyeurism, social media, mass surveillance and terrorism.

Researchers, designers and artists at Fabrica examine how drone technology might influence our behaviour, and our relationship to physical space. The concept of “drone” is deconstructed through fiction and collected materials as simultaneous series of vying presents and futures, to question the pursuit of innovation for its own sake.

Drone: Speculative Fictions in the Age of the Drone is project by Alejandro Sajgalik (editor, writer), Matthew Rosier (associate editor, writer, illustrator), Natalie Welsh (associate editor, writer) and Alice Longo (design).

The video is directed by Sarah Riazati with music by Jhon William Castaño Montoya.

The book is available for purchase at http://store.fabrica.it/

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