Ok, post the day you've got a little story about my new hobby to "fly" the drone. Well, I told the post that it's all quad toy, toy, not hobby grade. The first time you want to have a drone, you have to play the game first. Because of the new look, it always crashes. Toy quad besides cheap (the price is not up to a thousand ready the remote), less dangerous when crash because it is light, made from plastic. Not like grade hobby ….

Ok, now we're talking about grade quad hobbies. Jeng !! Jeng !!! Jeng !!!!. Hobby grade is of some kind. Depending on the use of the drone itself. There is a need for photography, there is work for work (as a reviewer), there is a need for racing, there is a way to use freestyle fly and there is a use for proximity flying and sorts again.

Usually the person who uses as for photography and as a reviewer, his drone is sophisticated, electronically. There is GPS and built-in high-capacity cameras. Can connect to phone via special app, and pricing riban2 … .. Drone2 like this, use advanced technology. Can make waypoints, follow me, and more. Examples of drones like DJI Phantom, Typhoon H, Parrot Bebop, just like that … .., it looks sophisticated. The price is a sophisticated brader. The cheapest, bebop. Tu if you want to have a full set of RM2K and above images … Latest, drone ariel photography yang tgh hangat di pasar is drone ni – Mavic Pro – by Dji. His most important advantage is that it is easy to carry anywhere because the size can be small, apart from being able to go as far as 7km. WOW !!!

At last, many companies are producing selfie drones. The selfie drone is on the go, in control of the use of wifi je. Wifi is not just transmit the instructions to drones, but can transmit pictures / videos. So, drones can be controlled only using mobile phones. No worries. The lack of a drone that uses wifi is a distance. Can not fly far. Mavic, Spark (both from Dji) can be controlled by phone and remote. Spark is more sophisticated. Can operate by hand gestures je. He has a face recognition, and after he has known who he is, he will follow his master's hand gestures. What's up? Check this out. Dji Spark in action. 1st demo tu hand gestures. From this video, you can see this Spark can be control in 3 ways. Hand gestures, handphone & remote.

So, I love it with no drone. But to pay up to RM2K plus can not afford it. Dear plk duit. So, find another alternative and this is what I found.

Hubson H501S, brushless GPS quadcopter with FPV capabilities. Price in RM 1.3K je. Not all the bigger drone GPS function he has but just as my GPS drone beginner. My dream of course is to allow God, DJI Mavic le … .hehe or at least a DJI Spark. But at this moment, this is good enough. Can be in the category easy to carry here because it's not the size of Dji Phantom or Typhoon, but maybe slightly bigger then folded Mavic. Remote he is of medium size and most important thing is, no need smartphone or ipad to operate this drone because remote he already have screen, similar to Typhoon H. Can record pictures and video via drone have FPV camera & the SD Card for that purpose install on drone it self rather then install on remote mcm Hubson H107D. So This gives a recording picture in HD form. There's a GPS, so it's just a static drone in the air without us having to worry about hoovering here, there's a return to home funtion that drone back to the point of departure automatically.

So, enjoy some footage of my Hubson H501S.

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