In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the top secret confessions of a drone pilot.



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GQ Magazine: Confessions of a Drone Warrior

Obama brag, in new book: I’m ‘really good at killing people’ with drones


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  1. another pussy pilot claiming ptsd, while sitting in a chair and pulling a trigger. Real soldiers men and women served on the ground and fought close enough to see who they were killing

  2. Watch some 'Americans Being Beheaded by Isis' videos and youll see why every last one of these suckers must be eliminated.

  3. Go fuck yourself you liberal bastard motherfucker yeah you know what as soon as somebody took out somebody in your family you'd be fucking screaming for justice you fucking moonbat snowflake mother fucker

  4. So glad that the moment Trump became President, all these drone strikes and murders stopped immediately. There hasn't been one drone strike since he became POTUS. If anyone else tells you otherwise, it's easy to silence them – Just say "FAKE NEWS!" it works every time.

  5. All of the video they show of combat is just that. Combat. No civilians. Only enemies. And EVERY video clip is from an apache helicopter. All the rounds are from an apache. All the missiles are hellfire missiles from Apaches. The videos are know enemies trying to kill american soldiers who got what they deserve.

  6. It's the 4 Nov 2017 I'm watching this video ! That I've watched when first uploaded…
    Reading some comments below…
    You know what
    People know the truth and deny it purposely…not the elite or any shadow gov I'm talking about normal middle class people…

  7. This video is nothing but anti U.S.propaganda .I know for a fact that they are not gonna give an A1C( airman first class ) the joystick to guide a drone launched missile. This video is mis-information Next time you ass wipes make a video, do your homework. Drones don't carry 30mm cannons either. What bullshit!

  8. WHY don't Americans RAISE Voice Against This Barbaric Actions Against Humanity.
    WHY dose not apply HUMAN Rights Violations Against AMERICAN leaders who are involved in these heinous Murderous Actions.#

  9. that footage is from the AH-64D not a drone. and the U.S. does not use drones for just shooting hell fires at random shit also 1k kills he would be in the record books.

  10. Chris: Showing missile strikes is one thing. Drones do carry missiles. But, a lot of your video is 30mm chain gun strikes. Drones do not carry a 30mm chain gun. Your video is a bit disingenuous don't you think? BTW, I think most of your stuff is great: right spot on!!!!

  11. You've got to be kidding me, PTSD from sitting on a computer? What a pussy, if you're not man enough to defend America then don't sign up for the military. Simple.

  12. This is such bullshit…you think the Pubs haven't been killing innocents for decades as well. Wake up stupid that's what Amerika is so good at. In the mean dumb shit, Trump is ready to start WW lll, wtf???

  13. I can't believe the amount of opposing people there are on this one video. All you are doing is reporting on a true life experience of one man who served and came out and all people think about is the fact that "war is war. people die." Christopher Greene, thank you for doing what you do.

  14. As an Afghan I don't blame this guy , I blame those who creates war! Bankers and politicians are the master minds of these wars!

  15. Not Drone strikes but Apache strikes. The drone pilot felt guilty and turned down a 6 figure income.? Yet he kept track of his kills. mmmm.

  16. yeah they watch the aftermath but what they failed to mention was that when people came running out to help these victims they also got hit with a second strike !!!.

  17. You have been lied to my friend. Air Force enlisted troops do not fly anything in the U.S. Air Force. Officers only. Also drones do not carry cannon or machine guns, they shoot people with $60,000 Hellfire missiles.

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