Good Afternoon Ted and Jody:

I flew the drone again yesterday. I now know how to more properly aim the camera and can do panoramas with it. Nothing I did yesterday is fit to publish, but soon. In the meantime, I have attached a cropped sunset photo taken with the drone over or through the trees west of our house a sunset yesterday. DJI_0017 cloudless sunset cropped 20170826 email.jpgI actually wish the camera were as good as my Samsung smart camera but will suffer with what is on the Phantom 4 PRO.

This morning I got out in time to snap a couple of shots of sunrise. One with the sun as it is about to peek over the eastern horizon and in the same time frame one of Mt. St. Helens. I like the fog layer in both shots.20170827_063345 ns email.jpg20170827_063330 ns email.jpg

I did get a massage this morning and so feel much better now. Too bad she doesn’t have a pill that does that every day. But, then I take too damned many pills as it is.

With the pestilence at Camp David at least he isn’t plugging one of his properties (although he did slip in a plug for his winery the other day). The conflict of interest with him using his golf course resorts and hotels is seemingly taken for granted now by the media. I should think as much as they go after him they would keep score of all the free advertising he and his immediate fairly get. That is a major conflict of interest and an impeachable offense. I have noticed that one of two talking heads are picking up on the pestilence representing himself and his financial interests rather than the interest of the United States of America. I also note that the letter some psychiatrists sent to Congress stating that the pestilence is a clear and present danger to the US with him having the nuclear codes has not gotten much press either. Imagine, the fake press is letting us down. 😦

Warmest regards, Ed

067 Implants
Fiction in 1111 words by T. Edward Westen, 2017

[Spaceport Redemption] “Brian said you needed me to help with logistics,” said Adam.

Deborah looked at Adam with a frown on her face. “I actually need to talk to Nikud. We need to know what supplies exist on his ship and what population and duration we need to plan for to provision the ship..”

“What makes you think the ship needs provisions?” Asked Adam.

“Three things lead me to that conclusion,” said Deborah. “First, Special I also Agent Fleishman and Agent White partially surveyed the ship and they used mapping bots to cover the rest of the ship. Neither showed any evidence of organic matter. Then there is the fact that the ship was last inhabited when our ancestors left it 70,000 years ago. Finally, an analysis of the air on the ship finds no trace of gasses that animals or plants would leave. While I do not plan to disembark on the ship, the people who do are my people and I will not send them off to starve or turn cannibal in the first year. So, Nikud, you can continue to inhabit Adam or you can join us here and help us provision your ship.

“How did you know I was using Adam?” Asked Nikud through Adams’ voice.

“Too many ways … ” Deborah’s answered was interrupted by Special Agent Fleishman and Outreach Agent Simmons materializing in the communications room.
“I say,” said Outreach Agent Simmons, “I understand we have a bit of a sticky wicket here. I have just. . .”

Outreach Agent Simmons was interrupted by Edith Gunderson. “Outreach Agent Simmons, you have arrived just in time as I was about to go for a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. But first may I, introduce you to Nikud.” Edith extended her hand to indicate Adam.

“Oh, good to meet you,” said Outreach Agent Simmons. “I must say you look rather substantial for an ephemeral being.” Then when Outreach Agent Simmons grasped Nikud’s hand to shake it he shook his head and said, “Oh, I see. You are using someone so you can speak to us. ” Outreach Agent Simmons cooked his head as a serious expression spread across his face. “If you don’t mind, could you tell me what inhabiting another intelligent being is like, and is it different from say being in a milk cow. Wait, can you take over a bird; and what is it like to fly? My, my you must have a lot of experiences to share. Have you ever thought of writing a book?”

“Outreach Agent Simmons, ” said Edith Gunderson tugging hid Steve, “hot chocolate with marshmallows first. We have some catching up to do.”

“Right,” said Outreach Agent Simmons. He held his arm out for Edith and said, “We’ll be right back. ” He pivoted taking Edith Gunderson with him.

During Outreach Agent Simmons’ attempt to cover his potentially spilling through beans, Nikud, still using Adams body, asked, “If he wanted answers why did he leave? How did he leave?”

“He will be right back,” said Special Agent Fleishman. “When he comes back answer his questions. I guarantee he will understand. In the meantime, we have loaded the supply manifest needed per passenger per year for them to comfortably inhabit your ship in the computer. However they will need productive things to do. So, also, we have loaded an equipment manifest in the computer as well if you wouldn’t mind using the computer so Adam can get back to his duties at the launch rails, you could update our manifests at the same time. The intercom switch is on so you can communicate with us from there.

“If this is a trick to trap me in the computer, it won’t work,” said Nikud with Adams voice. “For I can go anywhere and am not subject to physical constraints. Not even turning off a computer I am in or killing a person I am using will trap me.  I will get out.” Adam bent at the knees and then straightened up and said, “How did I get here.”

Nikud using the intercom said, “I did not let him know what I was doing in him. He was, for all intents and purposes asleep.”

Outreach Agent Simmons and Edith Gunderson materialized. “Thank you Outreach Agent, ” said Edith.

Outreach Agent Simmons stepped up to Adam and said, “I know that must have seemed rude, but Ms. Gunderson needed an escort. Now, where was i?”
“Who are you,?” Asked Adam.

“Again, I apologize, ” said Outreach Agent Simmons. “I was talking to Nikud,. He must have moved.” Then Outreach Agent Simmons put his hand over his mouth. “I suppose I put my foot in my mouth again. Nikud may not have gender at all. Is he, error, the empheral being here?”

The speaker of errors the control panel hisses with static. Then Nikud spoke. “That was the first time anyone concerned themselves with my gender or how to address me. ”

“What was the static sound before you spoke?” Asked Outreach Agent Simmons.

The hissing static sound occurred again, but looking germs. Finally, Nikud said, “That is the closest I can get to laughter electronically. “I have heard people call each other delightful; but, I never understood that they meant someone made them smile inside and laugh on the outside. Outreach Agent Simmons you make me smile and laugh as you are the first person to ask personal questions and treat me as an equal . Everyone else has treated me as a thing or a god; no one asks things or gods ‘what’s it like’. But, I can only compare being in a person to being in a computer. In a person, there are more things to keep on top of unlike being in a computer where I only have to reset a bunch of ones and zeros to what they were when I leave it.  No, people are very complicated,  Now that you ask, it might be fun to watch from inside a bird as it flies. Perhaps I should stock birds in my ship. I have changed the manifest to include plants and live stock . From my calculations you do not have a suffient fleet of rockets to ferry everyone and everything up to my ship.”

Stephen held up his hand to for stall anyone else answering. “First we need you to understand a bit more about ethics. Then we figure out how to get you back on you mission.”

“But, I am in a hurry.” Said Nikud.

“You waited 70,000 years,” said Stephen, . “What is the hurry now?”

There was a different kind of static from the speaker before Nikud said, “I think I am running out of life.”

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