Drone & Tigers by Dizifilms.ca

David Etienne Durivage,

Director – Producer – Drone Pilot (Dizifilms.ca)

TV producer, director and commercial drone pilot, David Etienne Durivage is the founder of Dizifilms agency, pioneer in the Canadian drones industry.


导演 – 制片 人 – Drone Pilot (Dizifilms.ca)

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デ ィ レ レ – – ー – Drone Pilot (Dizifilms.ca)

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Director – Producer – Drone Driver (Dizifilms.ca)
Since 2010, David Etienne has become a rising figure in the new genre image industry, Aerial Images by Drones.
He founded the Dizifilms agency and the drone training program in collaboration with Le Center Québécois de Formation Aéronautique.
David Etienne, director and producer, has several years of experience in the production of discs, television and feature films. Thanks to his qualities of designer and artistic director, he enchains the projects all more exciting than the others!

From Dubai to Chile, through Mongolia and the great north of Quebec, traveling and filming the world is a way of life, a passion, an adventure, a reason to live …

Having already achieved several top 5 awards in Québec as a singer-songwriter and several ADISQ nominations, David Etienne knows how to recognize the numerous and important nuances of Quebec's artistic milieu and his artisans in his career as producer-producer.

Recipient of the Grands Prix Documentaires / Drone in France, Russia and the United States, he is now creating one of the largest multi-disciplinary creations in the world, Cité Mémoire, for Montreal in history with Victor Pilon and Michel The best.


  1. Почему их на снег выпустили, они же замерзнут в холоде, их нужно обратно в Африку увезти и выпустить там

  2. Great footage of the tigers for sure but in reality that drone is just f**king with them…cant wait for the "pilot" of that toy to get mauled by one of them!

  3. All these poor tigers will be cut up and sold for meat, bone wine, tiger teath, pelts, etc. 🙁 China has serious problems !!

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