DRONE Trailer (2017) Sean Bean Movie HD
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Ideologies collide with fatal results when a military drone contractor meets an enigmatic Pakistani businessman.

Release Date: May 26, 2017
Genre: Thriller
Director: Jason Bourque
Writers: Ian Birkett (story), Paul A. Birkett (screenplay)
Stars: Sean Bean, Mary McCormack, Joel David Moore

Drone official trailer courtesy of Screen Media.

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  1. its nice movie. he just wanted to make him feel what he felt about his family. ending was great despite a slow start. overall a descent movie.

  2. stop drone strikes. they kill 80% civilians and 20% suspected terrorists. if you don't have balls to put boots on ground doesn't give you rights to drop bombs on civilian populations.

  3. stupid movie far away from reality. drones never reach into Pakistan specially that deep. because Pakistan would shot them down. CIA killed so many un armed civilians near the Afghanistan Border. and that's not Karachi! Google and see how Karachi looks like you dumb ass!

  4. heh funny thinking that someone could actually bomb Karachi.. the primary city of Pakistan 😀 also, that looks like the tribal regions.. exactly 2k plus miles away to the north..well done researchers. i like movies about drone operators etc. but making one based on inaccurate imaginary reality is just … dumb. and how could any random person track down a top secret CIA drone operator in the first place? like i said .. not only insulting to the CIA but also to humans in general.

  5. Another attempt by the Jews to do 2 things :
    1. Soften the Christian nation's attitude towards Muslims and Islam [which would then allow the Jews to use Muslims to destroy the West].
    2. Make White men look like heartless murderers [when the REAL genocidal psychopaths of humanity are the Jews themselves.] In short ; get the White man to self-loathe. Notice all characters are White.
    Always ask yourself : WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS MOVIE, and always remember that every movie must be approved by Jews, the most evil race on planet Earth.
    Sorry, ass-clowns, ain't buyin' it. YOU are the enemy of humanity and hell is heading your way.

  6. Sean Bean with an American accent is just damn right disrespectful.

    Just shows you how American's think. Unless you sound like them, they don't want to know!

  7. come on…another movie to justify the savage actions carried out by the USA…supported by Israel and Zionist Hollywood.

  8. This movie have made huge mistakes. First they portrayed miranshah a tribal area of waziristan as city of Karachi. People there don't speak urdu and don't look like Karachi people. Secondly why would you let a stranger to stay at us home for dinner.

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