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Drone utilized to getting lacking men and women in Allamakee Co. | Nearby Information

Drone utilized to getting lacking men and women in Allamakee Co. | Nearby Information | wcfcourier.com

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DECORAH — On Sunday, the Decorah Hearth Office utilized its drone to enable come across six lacking men and women on the Yellow River.

The Allamakee County Sheriff’s Office contacted firefighters for guidance.

Firefighters said inside ten minutes of launching the drone, they ended up capable to come across three men and women. They ended up capable to connect a hearth department radio to the drone and fall the radio to connect with the victims. “When we ended up capable to connect with the victims we acquired information and facts that they had three extra men and women with them that ended up downstream,” the hearth department said in a Facebook publish. “We then started to lookup downstream with the thermal imaging camera attached to the drone and ended up capable to come across three other victims after about three minutes.”

Utility motor vehicles ended up then directed to the destinations of all six.

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