New Product There are intelligent sensor systems that detect all types of intrusion around the house, and when prompted by sensor system Droon will be flying out to explore the area. And send live pictures. Go to your smartphone immediately

which security system ultramodern Sunflower Home Awareness System by Alex Pachikov Founder Tell me about this system. "This system is a combination of two devices, the first is the intelligent sensor which is shaped like a low lamp, illuminated the path that this sensor will be installed around the house to detect. move Vibration And sound detection It sends a notification to your smartphone. And when the suspicious event occurred. You can order Dorn. Fly out to explore the area and see live images taken from the camera on the drool. It is security system of the future world truly. "

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The device sensor it looks like a typical passage lamp, so it is not the focus of thieves walking in your house. By the sensor. Machine learning technology has been applied to make it possible to understand the events surrounding it. It's

In the event that a raccoon came into the garden. The device sensor was smart enough to send a flashing light. Ready to send out the raccoon. And in case the fan quit the job and come home before us. (or if your ex girlfriend goes through the house We may even chase him by sending a blinking light. And a loud alarm. ).

But if the system detects suspicious activity. The drones parked in an outdoor shed were out to do their job. By flying to the point of questioning itself. And the camera on the Droan also has an infrared beam for night photography. Usually Drones will take flight for a few minutes at a time and will charge the battery. Automatically when Droon flies back to the garage. Always have power when you need it.



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