Drone Hacking from an airborne WiFi Pineapple this time on Hak5.

Hak5 1518.1:
Hak5 1518.2:

Please watch: “Bash Bunny Primer – Hak5 2225”



  1. This is not hacking, this is fuzzing
    You are just spamming deauth requests to that mac address, you could do much better with that hardware, like skyjack
    You could even use the pi to control the ar drone to follow the Hacker drone

  2. hi guys!, i just watched few of ur vids and i really like it!, nice hacking vids, great to learn , greetings from Poland 🙂 btw. im also fan of drones, but im just starting trying to put all together my first 450 size drone 🙂 keep good work!

  3. How do you stop peeping tom drones taking pictures of us naked subbathers on our private land? Is there a way to jam them or make them fall out of the sky?

  4. Bit of an awkward video but cool. I was expecting more time seeing the code and explanation of  it rather than awkward conversation and watching a drone fall several times.

  5. What on earth is this? A joke? How old are you? Five years?! I was expecting at least an outdated predator drone hack or similar.
    And where was the hacking? In Isfahan you can download iDrone 5.1 from public wifi for bloody FREE onto your iPhone and that takes everything over , from A-10PCAS to the X-47A!
    I thought you would at least push those boudaries a little, but this is a giant leap backwards and that, compared to a rotten third world country!!! Embarrassing.
    Thanks for wasting my time 

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