The United States has launched a huge number of drone strikes under President Obama.
It’s widely accepted and extremely terrifying.

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  2. it was all over irish news or should i say RTE news,That`s why our love for Obama changed and why he wasn`t allowed to came back.He was never left wing.Just another right wing lying piece of shit and Americans screaming black lives matter and praising him as he bombs hospitals and schools in Africa.

  3. The US has spent 250 million dollars A DAY on this war for the past 16 years. For fucks sake, there is so much good that could be done with that money, why the hell can't Americans actually get a say in what their government is doing?

  4. The only pertinent fact is that we have as a Nation, set a Precedent that nobody can undo. That's all on Bush Junior. There is no law to stop any nation in the future from applying the same twisted justifications and killing us as individuals, and our Defense Department would not be capable of doing a damn thing and everyone knows it.

  5. I would like to see an update on this (and many of these subjects). Has the policy changed at all? Do we yet even fucking KNOW what the policy is or if there even fucking IS any policy or even fucking guidelines??? The USA has been burning the good will (it previously earned) for well over a decade now. We are NOT "the best country on Earth" like the fucking mindless nationalists keep saying.

  6. Murcia' where terror is combated with more terror. Where the land of the free is the least free place on the face of earth. Where tyranny is everywhere. Where CDC classifies gun deaths as a national health hazard due to the fact 10s of 1000s die each year because guns are rampant cheap and accessible anywhere to anyone and are unregulated. The list is endless there's no country more corrupted. You're the epitome of a contradiction America.

  7. I once did an assignment on terrorists. The question I was answering was "According to the definition of terrorism, is the US defence force a terrorist organisation?". We were supposed to come up with the question we were answering by ourselves, and shortly after writing it, I found that there was no official definition for terrorism (when I say internationally acknowledged, UN type of definition). I ended up using the FBI's definition of terrorism and evidence of war crimes etc. by the US, and basically, according to America's own definition, they are a terrorist organisation.

  8. I am from Pakistan and have grown up one of the most prone areas during the height of the war on terror here so that cartoon was fucking hilarious.

  9. I wish I had my own drone, I call it dragon with machine guns, missiles, candy dispenser and can bring food and water to people in poverty.

  10. Civilian casualties from drone strikes are far lower than with traditional airstrikes. A drone can circle its target for long periods of time gathering potentially life saving information, before striking a target. Let's also not forget all of our success against ISIL, everyone seems to forget that time when a drone strike obliterated half of ISILs physical currency, taking a major sent out of their finances and truly hurting them.

  11. “Drones” are still directly controlled by humans… you’re carrying on like they are autonomous killers. Its no different to any other air strike

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