RMIT UAS Research team dogfights with the king of the skies, where nature exhibits aerial supremacy over drones!

The attacked Micro-Air-Vehicle airframe (Alula) was kindly donated by Dream-Flight for Research purposes. It was instrumented with an autopilot programmed to autonomously slope soar.

Many times have birds attacked micro-sized aircraft, but rarely carried away as prey!


  1. During mating season, very territorial – attacks outsider to save area females for self. Or frenzied hormonal male mistakes drone as outsider to mate with.

  2. RMIT University is in Melbourne and the eagle is a Wedge Tailed Eagle (one of the largest in the world) which are known to be territorial just flying in an eagle's territory will get you attacked. These eagles regularly take on hang-gliders, parachutists and light aircraft. They are very big birds who not only dominate the air but take all kinds of prey including cats, dogs, foxes, rabbits, lambs and small kangaroos.

  3. Tip: don't don't fly UAVs in areas where natural predators (Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, or even large seagulls) live.. Is it worth destroying your UAV?

  4. This proves one thing:
    The $ for the F35 should have gone into genetically engineered eagles and eagle protection shelters.

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