Anyone want to “E(hang)” out in the sky? This human-carrying drone will enable you to do that. It’s called the EHang 184, made in China and raised around $50M to date. It can also fly autonomously. Would you take a ride?

via Ehang (China)


  1. I remember about 4 years ago I was at a bar talking to this guy and I told him that he will see these some day soon and he laughed in my face and said "I'll call my broker" As he patted my shoulder and left with no intention of taking me seriously. Well, whos laughing now?

  2. Use it as a fire escaping capsule ; put it on roof of tall building to carry people to roof of building opposite street. Back and forth, back and forth and dozens of life could be saved like that.

  3. The biggest unforeseen obstacle for the Ehang is its navigation system that currently does not account for the location of Electrical Power lines, communication towers, telephone and other cable lines. Though most modern cities keep much of this underground, its exactly the opposite when traveling outside city limits. Its not much of an issue when the vehicle reaches its service alititude, but instead the issue arrives during takeoff and landings. I still believe the Ehang must have a manual pilot overide. Relying soley on interconnection between the aircraft and a controlling location is like asking for cell phone communication to absolutely never not under any circumstance, drop connections. It just wont happen. Not to mention onboard system OS error, OS crashes, etc. Its unwise to develop completely autonomous flight control.

  4. What happens when one motor goes out? The whole thing goes straight into the ground. Upon impact, the remaining props fly off into the cockpit spearlike to ensure the pilot dies. Is safety built into this design? Unfortunately no. This design is inherently unsafe.

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