Eleven thousand policemen and gendarmes and a Reaper-form drone will be mobilized Thursday and Friday in Paris to guarantee the safety of the fourteen-July festivities and traveling to foreign personalities, which include US President Donald Trump

3 assaults and tried assaults on the Champs-Elysees and the Notre-Dame square, which cost the daily life of a police officer, have recalled because April the persistence of the terrorist risk, as perfectly as the current arrest in the north France, and Belgium of a number of men suspected of planning violent action.

Donald Trump will show up at Friday at the common armed service parade on the Champs-Elysées at the invitation of Emmanuel Macron.

According to the prefect of police Michel Delpuech, three,500 police officers and gendarmes Will guarantee the safety of the parade and 1900 will be mobilized in the night to protected the live performance and fireworks from the Eiffel Tower on the topic of the Summer season Olympics in 2024, to which Paris is a candidate.

There will be 2,600 to 2,900 other customers of the safety forces to strengthen the safety of the Parisian agglomeration, the a thousand soldiers of Operation Sentinel in Paris, 2,500 firefighters, the centerpiece of an critical aid gadget, Six river-looking at boats on the Seine and 275 private brokers.

The Air Drive will provide air protection, which include a US-created drone Reaper, French territory on four July.

A program for the detection and neutralization of malicious drones will also be set up, stated Michel Delpuech at a push meeting.

The Prefect of Law enforcement has created two zones of security and safety, one particular on the Champs-Elysees for the parade, the other on the Champs de Mars for the live performance and the fireworks.

The accesses of these locations will be guarded by autos and concrete studs to protect against any intrusion of car or rams truck. Persons wishing to enter it will have to endure a look at and a lookup of their baggage or baggage by the safety forces.

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