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Random Jogger interrupts my epic drone selfie

Ever since i’ve gotten my DJI phantom out of the box, I haven’t been able to put it down. It’s funny how much you think you know a place until you get a new perspective on it. Although I produce videos professionally for a living, i now consider this a hobby too. I woke up at 6am to charge up and head over to Scarborough Bluffs, the weather was perfect, a little bit overcast, little to no wind and warm enough to go sans jacket. The drone selfie was actually my last shot of the morning, but by far the most epic. I believe we’ve only seen the start of what drones are capable of, all those futuristic movies i’ve seen no longer seem that magical, i’m starting to see how the technology can be built and function in the real world.

If you’re interested into getting into droning yourself, here are a few helpful reminders

1. Always calibrate your drone before liftoff. It’s of the utmost important to “set your home” marker before the aircraft leaves ground, unless you want to fall victim to a so called “fly away”

2. I would recommend the controller to be set to Naz Mode, the LED flight indicators are easier to monitor and if something should go wrong mid-flight, its easy to trouble shoot quickly.

3. Never fly when your battery is below 30%. Although my batteries are supposed to last 25m each, below 30% you’re flying on borrowed time.

4. Always Zig Zag on descent, lowering your drone directly down creates an imbalance in the direction and velocity of the wind, which can send your craft spiralling out of control.

5. In order to fly your drone commercially, you need to file an official flight path and receive approval from Transport Canada. Don’t expect to be Maverick right out of the box

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