For the researcher robotic expert Jean-Paul Laumond, the army use of synthetic intelligence raises new moral questions

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Jean-Paul Laumond is a robotician and analysis director at the Laboratory of Analysis and Techniques Architecture (Laas) of the CNRS. He teaches robotics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris.

The governing administration has just introduced the armament of army drones. What do you believe?

France is not a pioneer in this discipline. A lot of countries are previously equipped with this technological know-how. We are common with drones carrying cameras. They are utilised by the cinema. In the army discipline, they were hitherto utilised in France for uses of identification. Equipping them with armaments corresponds to a sensible observe-up from the specialized point of watch. It is component of political decisions. We need to be concerned since this escalation corresponds to an evolution that need to problem the citizen.

The use of synthetic intelligence for army uses is significantly described. What is it definitely about?

Allow&#39s stay on the issue of drones. A drone equipped with a camera presents information and facts. Equipping it with an armament fully modifications the paradigm insofar as this machine will become a new specialized object able of triggering a firing motion. The problem is what is the mother nature of the determination that will govern the firing.

“The determination to send a drone was taken upstream by a human agent, in accordance with a army strategy. Duty will normally lie with person ”

So considerably, this determination is in the fingers of a expert who assumes accountability for it on the basis of the visual information and facts it receives. It is he who analyzes the images. This investigation is for the second the area of human intelligence. Developments in synthetic intelligence (AI), particularly in image processing, now make it achievable to think about that the reasoning that distinguishes a combatant from a civilian is led by an algorithm. But …


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