PT Bestprofit (3/7) – Facebook is in the midst of testing drones (aircraft nirawak) that is responsible for connecting internet access to the world.

Drones named Aquila will fly to remote places that are difficult to reach and unattended internet access.

Previously, Aquila flights were reportedly not running smoothly. Aquila crashed on its first flight in June 2017. The drone fell due to unstable wind conditions in a flight that lasted for 96 minutes.

And now, Facebook again tested Aquila for the second time. Luckily, the flight that took place on May 22, 2017 was running smoothly. Aquila was recorded flying for one hour 46 minutes and successfully landed without any problems.

According to information quoted by Engadget on Sunday (2/7/2017), the flight crew of Aquila learned from its first flight failure. Therefore, to anticipate turbulence during the flight, they installed new components in charge of reducing the load on landing.

"Aquila now also has hundreds of new sensors to collect data. It was modified with autopilot software, new radio, and horizontal propellers to balance the landing process, "Facebook wrote in its official statement.

Aquila carries diesel fuel (solar power). Later, it is expected to surround an area that has a diameter of up to 60 miles, and emit internet connectivity from altitudes above 60,000 feet using a communication laser and millimeter wave system.

The original plan, mentioned that Aquila flew for three months. Physically, this drone has a large wing, but has a low power consumption level (only 5,000 watts) or the equivalent of three hair dryers.

Source: Liputan6