Fewer than a dozen organizations reside from the aerial impression marketplace by operating for a extensive range of clients. Illustrations.

Tourism. Function. Television. Info. Agriculture. The fields of intervention of the drone are huge as know-how developments. What stays as a operating instrument for pros has seriously taken off in modern several years. The Directorate Standard of Civil Aviation (DGAC) lists organizations each and every 6 months. There would be practically six,000 in France. “But only a hundred of them reside, less than 10 in Indre-et-Loire”, Antoine Machon, co-founder with Antoine Lagarde of Drone Contrast

Silures of the Loire and Tour de France

The two younger engineers experienced at Polytech Excursions established up their company four several years ago in the small business incubator. Turnover greater from ninety six,000 to one hundred sixty,000 euros previous calendar year. Now installed at the Liodière in Joué-lès-Excursions, they have taken off their activity by proposing several services: taking pictures modeled in 3D for architects, services for cinema and advertising and marketing, conversation of the castle of Chambord. Drone Contrast is presently earning pictures in the vertical of the Loire to rely the catfish. “We are operating for the next consecutive calendar year with a researcher from the University of Excursions in the framework of the Alosa software, with the computer laboratory of Polytech”, Antoine Machon provides. rents drones for unique missions. “Previous calendar year, three hundred ha of wheat and barley crops were flown above to determine the appropriate doses of fertilizers”, signifies its director, Alix Martin. And as previous calendar year, linked agriculture will be presented at the Ferme Expo in Excursions (November 17-19).
“Digital” award in 2016 of the Top rated Corporations, A Separate Graphic employs every little thing connected to picture and video, like this cable camera that was shot at the Beauval Zoo. “The machines evolves all the time. We have to be on the fourth era of drones. Products cost less and we are additional and additional. We are investing practically thirty,000 euros in the substance, “mentioned Sébastien Duveau, head of the audiovisual journalism office.
Yet another company born in Joue-lès-Excursions, Freeway Prod, globe. Michaël Gisselere and his group often seem for television (“L&#39Amour est dans le pré”, “Les roots et ailes”, the Tour de France). Their previous feat: the technical preparation of a drone earning a cloud fly on phase for the Cirque du Soleil.

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