The Firecopter!! A custom-made Y-6 multi-rotor that’s equipped with a fire extinguisher for fighting fires from the air!
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  1. Instead of it shooting out liquids to put out fire ,create the drone so that it drops fire retardant from its belly

  2. i wonder if they checked to see if the extinguishing agent that they were spraying was rated to put out liquid fuel fire……

  3. You needed a bottle of liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen would heat up and turn into a gas which you could chanel to the fire.

    REMEMBER: Fire needs oxygen to burn!!

  4. Well done guys! I was just thinking to myself today after reading about the high rise fire in London of the theoretical possibilities drones could play in that situation. So far, Fire Departments are using them as video monitors for assessing a fire for access points, people, and areas to aim their hoses at. This is an excellent use of drones, but I just feel they can be better that…then I find your video…from 2015!! So much for any chance at originality I might have had.

    Question: How hard would be to fit a drone to deliver items to people in a building that perhaps a firefighter can't access? Items in mind are, of course, extinguishers and fire blankets, but also, what about a radio, an axe, maybe even parachutes? Obviously considering the method of delivery comes into play here. One can assume the roof would be a natural choice, but since fires like to travel up in a hurry, that would be a case by case scenario. Can a hydraulic harpoon be used to perhaps deliver items? I don't know. You could even outfit them with loud speakers to communicate critical messages to those trapped inside.

    I suppose if you could outfit a strong enough drone, you could even use it to carry a hose nozzle up to the flames. I know they do that with ladders on fire engines too because they're stable and strong enough, but those only go up about 7 stories at max. What about above that? You can see where my mind is going with this concept. Lots of hurdles to get past to make something that happen from an engineering perspective, but I do feel like someone out there can design a delivery system strong enough.

  5. Hi guys. Just a quick question. I need a ten cell battery for a project I'm working on. Can I plug a 6 & a 4 cell into an adapter to make a ten cell.

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