Smoke bombs. Drones. Explosives. Need I say more?

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-Pilots / Hosts-
Kevin Dougherty [StingersSwarm]
Drew Camden [Le Drib]

and Guest Starring Peter Sripol [PeterSripol]

…and Jeff [VORT3X]

-Production Team-
Chad Kapper – Executive Producer
Christian Kapper – Editor

Escape From an Unknown Planet
By: Senbei

…And in Her Self-Loathing and Despair, She Found Wrath
By: LulzA
(Chrono Trigger Remix)


  1. can you guys create a video on how to use lua scripts with the kiss fc and the unify with the taranis

  2. If some of you guys have ordered from rotor riots store recently, did you have to manually verify your order by sending a pick of you address and name? Just want to make sure so I don't get scammed. 🙂

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