On July 17 2015 Flirtey made history with the first drone delivery in the US, delivering 24 packages of urgent medical supplies in Wise Virginia.

The research flights took place in partnership with Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership at Virginia Tech, Remote Area Medical, including NASA’s Langley Research Center.

Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe received the first package at the event, which will be remembered as a Kitty Hawk moment in the history of drone delivery.


  1. Why lower the package from so high up? Why not get lower to lower the package? I would think 20 to 50 feet would be more than enough. From the video is looks like it was more like 250 feet or higher. Why so high?

  2. That is one rickety platform. Not sure what is going on with it. I suspect the frame is unstable or perhaps one or more of the motors is loosing a bearing or perhaps something is up with one of the ESC's.

    I wouldn't fly this around people much less deliver a package. Hopefully by now they've figure this out. Regardless, it should have never been approved for the test in this condition.

  3. buenas ablo.desde.bogota colombia. estoi interesado por un modelo de este. tipo.por..fabir a dende me puedo comunicar porfabor algien que me conteste en español gracias

  4. a humble beginning. Lose the apple ipad and imac crap, and you'll get another customer. Keep working on it. It should work across the top platforms, not just apple. No one should be forced to go buy another tablet just to use a product when they already own them. Also the unit should be able to work with stand alone, in house made video send to base. For a premium price point this is not only an expectation but a requirement as other makers will soon bridge that gap if Flirtey doesn't.

  5. Was this flying FPV or was this flown from a ground control station? Basically it took off and landed within LOS. Also If you max out your payload how stable is the aircraft? and how does that effect battery life?

  6. Can't wait to play shoot them down when they fly over my backyard. It's just the next step to having all sorts fly over with cameras going crazy. When one does come down by malfunction it will kill someone.

  7. if companies lika amazon and others wish to get regulatory approvals, they must do the following:

    1. come up with an emergency system that will be deployed in an emergency or malfunction in such a way that the flying device will become instantly incapculated in a balloon like airbag including the blades + have a parachute which will slow it down significantly.

    2. never fly above highways and busy roads

    3. have an application on the recipients smartphone, which only after having visual eye contact with the flying davice, will approve the downloading of the goods. this app must also have a panic button to abort the downloading of the goods. only people above 21 yeras old who will do an in-app course will be aloud to get deliveries.

    4. have the batteries of the flying device charged for a minimum 2.5 times the required flying time for the specific delivery.

    5. the weight carrying capacity of the flying device must be 2.5 times bigger then the actual max. weight it carries.

    6. have a security 8k camera on the device, recording the entire process.

    7. never operate the flying device in rain and in winds above 20 kmh.

  8. awesome! What do you think was the average altitude of the UAV along its delivery course? Looks to be around 100'-150' to me, but I am not sure.

  9. Wait and see these drones seem cool now, but I feel that there's an agenda behind these and will be trouble for the American public, like spying on our privacy…just my opinion.

  10. Isso é bem falso, pois o drone saiu de um gramado sem nada em volta, ao invés de um centro logístico.  Que raio de enganação é essa?  Vai uma van até 1 km do destino e manda o drone fazer o percurso final?  Qual a vantagem?  E o logo no ponto de aterrisagem?  Ridículo…  Faria mais sentido usar este esquema para entregar algo em locais de catástrofe, sem acesso de veículos.

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