Hate or love them, drones are taking over. How do you feel about them!? Let us know in the comments and as always, submit your funny fails to FailArmy.com!

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Cat Drags Drone
Drone Crashes into Balcony
Guy Cuts Himself Trying to Save Drone

Fly Higher, Fail Harder: Drone Takedowns (November 2016) || FailArmy


  1. That stupid Golf bitch at the very start?????
    i hope she got gang raped and slowly tortured

    That's for STARTERS

  2. Its rude how everyone keeps saying people are a retard because they made a small mistake flying a drone.. and flying drones take lots of practice and they are very difficult to control.. so stop talking about dumb idiotic people because they are really not. We learn from mistakes.

  3. Do you remember how expensive and complicated the early DVD players were? How about the VCR when it came out or the drone.. it's the same with every new tech, is very overpriced to start with and difficult (sometimes) to master. Then after a few years, stuff gets much cheaper and there are tons of parts. In the coming years, you will be able to go to Goodwill and buy a DJI phantom. Don't waste your time or money, get a cheaper quadcopter and just have fun until shit finds its way to Goodwill or whatever store for a tenth of the price. Stupid fucking people. Oh and one more thing… if you ever plan to fly over water, have a plan to recover the quadcopter and it's not a horrible idea to put some foam onboard to get some bouyancy. ✌

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