Flyability is the winner of the UAE drones for good award. This is our video submission for the Semi-Finals.
Flyability has developed Gimball, a drone that can enter confined spaces and safely fly close to humans, proving to be highly effective in rescue missions. It is protected by a rotating cage which makes it capable of colliding with obstacles in challenging environments without losing its stability.

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  1. Bravo! Votre invention est vraiment géniale! Entourer un drone d'une structure délicate le rendant presqu'invincible à tout obstacle est super. Je vous souhaite la meilleure des chances pour la suite…

  2. You know this was based on a kids toy, right? There's the hot wheels caged quadrocopter which looks and works the same as this. So saying this is a "breakthrough in technology" is a total lie. I mean all they did was enlarge it and add a camera. Poof, millionaire.

  3. couldn't you build the case around it so it can change its form? I mean, like… when there is a door and its only a little bit open, the drone won't be able to get through… except if the case around could change to its enviroment…

    but it is also important that it can stay round, because of the said reasons…

    so make it like a command to the case itself, when to make it fit and when to stay round…

  4. File this under the now huge category of "things I should have thought of".  Genius!  Just brilliant! Bravo! I'll call DARPA and tell you them to front you a few million dollars.

  5. TYCO toys! Not very inventive. If this won the competition then no real team must have entered. Would make a good toy for kids that want to eventually fly RC HELICOPTER.

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