This new high-tech sport is taking off around the world – we catch up with Australian drone racers in an abandoned warehouse in Melbourne. Music: “Jethro” by David Carr. Check out his awesome “Anim8” album here:


  1. When im older im gonna be telling my kids "I remember when drone racing was just an underground sport" and when im a grandpa im gonna say "back in my day we didnt have professional drone racing stadiums"

  2. If I buy receivers and FPV systems from overseas will I be able to use them on the available/legal frequencies in Australia?

  3. The drone sporting tsunami is on the horizon and coming in fast. The manufacturers know this and are ramping up production in anticipation. Fliers like Chad are testing and improving their offerings so that the mainstream public will benefit. Drone racing is like F1 car racing and plane pylon racing in one. It will not be long before every kid (and dad) will want a little drone not just in their Christmas stocking or for their birthday but simply for a weekend of fun. They are already relatively cheap and so much fun. They will only get cheaper and simpler with mass production. Instead of being stuck behind a computer or iPad kids will get out into the sun and fly – pretending to pilot a star wars racing pod. What is not fun are the CASA authorities who say they need to control this recreational pursuit. They need to pull their heads out of the sand because the tsunami will happen with or without the gates they keep threatening to put up.

  4. Great to hear its going off here in Melbounre, i've been wanting to get into this and now i've seen this, time to build one and go racing i think

  5. Just started building my 1st multi rotor. Looking for a Facebook page or some were to meet up with others in this hobby in Melbourne. Building qav 250

  6. That's just awsome guys. I've got a phantom 3 pro…….wouldn't race it around like the ones in the video though.
    Great stuff.
    Might have to invest in a 'drag racer' for some fun !

  7. WANT!  That looks like SO much fun.  I never got into R/C cars or aircraft because not being able to control them from the POV of the vehicle seemed ridiculously hard to me.  I want to build one with ducted props, and stub wings that respond to the control inputs also.  The more lift you can generate from the body of the critter, the more power you can put into forward thrust.  Oh, and a CO2 cylinder, a solenoid valve, a piece of steel tubing, and some BBs would make things more interesting.  😉

  8. Where abouts in Melbourne was this and where can we find out where races are being held as I'm getting into the sport myself

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