An aerial view of Geauga Lake on February 6, 2016 shot by 2 Phantom 3 Advanced. Geauga Lake was an amusement park near Cleveland Ohio which was closed abruptly. Most of the area visited this park regularly and it was a part of Cleveland. This is a tribute to all the memories that this park helped create.

A special thank you to Marc Yeager who came along on the shoot with me and allowed me to use some of his video.

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  1. I'd give ANYTHING to start this park again! Even though I live in Virginia, I would LOVE to come here and see those pathways bustling, beautiful, green grass, and lots of trees, with the screams of joy being heard in the background. I would do anything to start this park back up. Like if you agree!

  2. i am very piss off that i found out Geauga Lake closed i was planned go there like few years ago till somebody told me .. i was very upset that CP did that!.. i want those pretty , classic, old fashion amusement park .. they just rip-off em.. that sad!

  3. This hurts my heart!! Im in MS now and can remember my time there and at SeaWorld. It will always be remembered in my heart. It's a shame that my kids will never have the chance to experience the memories that I have of this wonderful place.

  4. Spent many summers here growing up. Hardest thing about this video is seeing everything gone but picturing the park still operating and bustling.

  5. If I ever hit the Power Ball for a significant amount of money. After I settle my small debt. I'm reopening this park. I'll also find a way to build a causeway for fishing somewhere on the property.

  6. Thank you for posting this, I always loved riding the Big Dipper. Every summer my mom's company would have their company picnic there and would spend all day riding rides at least twice. What I don't understand is why Cedar Fair doesn't put their old rides here when they make room for newer ones, they could capitalize on having two parks. Their main park would still be called Cedar Point and then this one could be called Olde Cedar Point with the older rides like the Wildcat or Diaster Transport and other rides that no longer exist for the sake of the biggest coasters. I love roller coasters but I still love some of my old simple rides too and I am only 36. They should realize what they have in the property they have

  7. if they don't build another theme park in the place that was once Geauga Lake maybe they should kick the idea to Disney to build a new park there right on that abandoned site. it's sad what happened to Geauga Lake I went there many times in the 1980's as a kid and I loved Sea Word Ohio. Something should be done to put Geauga Lake back in there or another theme park should take the site itself. It's not cedar points fault for the reason why they had to shut it down. there were way too many problems to keep it running and keep it open. So it was decided it would be cheaper to move the rides out to their other parks owned by cedar fair then spend so much more money on new rides and attractions and shows at a park they owned after Six Flags owned it.

  8. If i had few things to do that can be worth nothing, is re-build Geauga Lake. This place needs to come back, I hate seeing abandoned places left to be rotted.

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