SAN DIEGO — A 25-year-outdated U.S. citizen has been charged with making use of a drone to smuggle far more than thirteen lbs of methamphetamine from Mexico, an unusually huge seizure for what is nonetheless a novel approach to carry unlawful medications into the United States, authorities stated Friday.

Jorge Edwin Rivera explained to authorities that he employed drones to smuggle medications five or 6 occasions given that March, commonly offering them to an accomplice at a close by gasoline station in San Diego, in accordance to a assertion of possible bring about. He stated he was to be paid $one,000 for the endeavor that ended in his arrest.

Border Patrol agents in San Diego allegedly saw the drone in flight on Aug. 8 and tracked it to Rivera about two,000 yards (one,830 meters) from the Mexico border. Authorities say agents discovered Rivera with the methamphetamine in a lunch box and a two-foot (.6-meter) drone concealed in a close by bush.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration stated in a current annual report that drones are not usually employed to smuggle medications from Mexico mainly because they can only have modest masses, though it stated they may come to be far more typical. In 2015, two individuals pleaded guilty to dropping 28 lbs (twelve.7 kilograms) of heroin from a drone in the border town of Calexico, California. That exact year, Border Patrol agents in San Luis, Arizona, spotted a drone dropping bundles with 30 lbs (thirteen.61 kilograms) of cannabis.

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