Bobby Brown and friends get a chance to test out Karma, the new GoPro drone, at Aspen Snowmass.

Proper clearance and permits were obtained before shooting at Aspen Snowmass and stunt was preformed on a closed course.

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Magic Sword, “Infinite”
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  1. all this waiting and teasing shots and they produced a shitty useless pathetic drone nobody wants, no wonder they never revealed it looooool

  2. they shouldn't call it a drone.. so that all the places that say NO DRONES>>> we could be like… nope this isn't a drone 😀

  3. Can't believe the hype surrounding this thing. Have you people seen the Inspire 1 Pro? The future is already here, DJI beat GoPro to it. Judging by the video quality (fisheye. bad focus), this thing won't be even able to compete with the Phantom 4, unless it's cheaper and has livestreaming (i.e. broadcasting to YT or FB) that actually works.

  4. wow not even a sneak peek of what the drone looks like in the reflection i think GoPro is scared of the competition out there and what they are offering with they drones its been so long i could not what no longer i got my self a phantom 3 but still looking out for the GoPro drone and the price, i am a GoPro guy, i hope its as good or better than the P3

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