Everything you ever wanted to know about the GoPro Karma drone!
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  1. Hi All! A lot of you have asked about DJI Mavic Pro. I'll have something up shortly on that (and yes, even including flying). Note that if some have seen other peoples videos where the Mavic video appeared 'soft', it's simply because they were doing it wrong. On the Mavic you have to set a focus point, which many YouTubers didn't do correctly. Anyway, hang tight!

  2. When you are speaking about Mavic Pro, try its cheaper brother-Visuo XS809HW. I know you are not intersted in theese cheap drones, but it's very intersting and I want to know your opinion. It has a 2MP HD camera and it's foldable, just like Mavic. Have a nice day. (-:

  3. Do you need to have the controller on to have the karma on fully?

    The reason being is because I'm trying to figure out what isn't working correctly. It's either the drone or the controller.

    My stabilizer will not prop itself up once turning on the karma. Customer service thinks it's the controller but I don't think that's the problem.

    I also know the stabilizer works fine because it works with my grip without any error.

  4. Karma is a terrible drone. It drifts constantly due to the lack of sensors. Actually it got NO sensors. This drone is very unstable.

  5. I actually purchased this drone from BestBuy about a month ago. First, let me say that this is the first drone I have purchased or flown, but according to GoPro this drone was made for folks like me. I am new to drones, new to GoPro and they claim I am their target audience. So I bought in and ponied up $1200 (kit plus a battery). I was enjoying using the Karma but on three separate occasions while trying to land the Karma it would take off just a few feet from the ground while landing. It shot straight up in the air, I let go of the joysticks (manual and videos says it sould stop and hover) and it rose like a bullet and flew straight off. I had GPS and the battery was about 3-4 minutes left and was landing per the controller instructions. THe first time I was able to get the Karma to respond and land safely, the second time it took off and almost flew into electrical wires. I was also able to finally (and just before it almost hit the wires) get Karma to come back down and land. Again, GPS was on and trying to land before the battery low warning came on. And now the third and sadly final time it took off on its own. I was again trying to land Karma and it shot straight up in the air and took off forward lodging itself 60 feet in the air in a top branch of a tree. A few moments later the battery fell out of the Karma. And there it sits in a tree until I can A) pay a tree guy/gal to go up and retrieve it or B) try and shoot it down which will probably end up destroying the drone, camera and gimble. Since, I spent all of my money on the drone and extra batteries and props I cannot afford to pay someone to retrieve it. If you are thinking about buying this, DON'T. Wait until GoPro can get this thing fixed properly. Otherwise, be prepared to have $1200 stuck in a tree mocking you all while you fight the urge to throw up. I am gutted that I foolishly spent this money and stupid enough to believe the hype.

  6. Loved it until no follow me, really disappointed and would suck to record friends while they're having fun while you record. Lame.

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