The Guilérien Nicolas Mathieu, a skilled teleopilot of drones, has a peculiarity: it can wipe out swarms of wasps or hornets found a lot more than 20 m high!


The thought

Nicolas Mathieu has often liked what flies. His very first task as an aeronautical handler in the French Navy for seven years (four of which Jeanne ) permitted him to become a familiar helicopter. Reconverted as a gear driver for six years, he was caught up with his passion for airs and his desire to fly skillfully with his own wings.

A drone on evaluate

To carry out his job, Nicolas Mathieu has passed his ULM theoretical patent and adopted a Training of a UAV pilot at the Digital works plane of Rennes. In purchase to be “progressive to the close”, he additional an excess string to his bow by passing his certificate certibiocide and outfitted himself with a customized drone for which he received from his The system is outfitted with a one.fifty m increase outfitted with a digital camera which it directs to the centimeter in close proximity to the swarm in advance of planting it and to launch the product or service. “It is a make a difference of destroying the nest with as minimal impression as doable on the natural environment”, he clarifies, assuring that “the hornet is suspicious much less of an aerial tactic …

Laureate Festicréateur

For his progressive job, Nicolas Mathieu Was nominated, previous 7 days, winner of the 2nd contest Festicréateur initiated by Kerneko, the club of providers of the Festival of Cornouaille. He will receive his prize Friday, July 21 in Quimper and now is aware of that he has gained a year of accounting and a year of bank costs. Excellent news for its youthful corporation which intervenes through Brittany and also proposes the generating of images (in the course of weddings, sports gatherings …), inspection and supervision of works (wind turbines, delicate web sites …) . One of the a few drones readily available to the youthful entrepreneur can also carry hefty gear (digital camera, digital camera …).

Contacts: Dron&#39istair in 06 89 seventy nine 21 37 To consult: the Facebook page and the Youtube channel Dron&#39istair.

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