He is pretty discreet, silent and does his occupation to perfection. A drone is presently traveling above the station regularly for the needs of a film. Assembly with the operator


of the company Completely ready Prod.

Why can you fly above a drone earlier mentioned Lancieux? ] We have been contacted by the municipality to make two movies that will endorse the resort. A shorter film of one moment thirty, for social networks and an additional 10 minutes for the use of the town hall. The two will be noticeable on the world wide web in September.

Is this a 1st for you?

A few a long time back, I produced the company Completely ready Prod with Loana Gonzalez Castello, journalist reporter of pictures at Euronews . We are primarily based in Saint-Malo and focus in nautical situations.

Can you describe this drone?

The device weighs in at the Saint-Malo, Less than two kilos, consisting of 4 pretty tranquil electric powered motors. The battery allows about twenty minutes of battery lifetime. The digital camera shoots in 4K, a pretty higher definition electronic image format. This drone can do everything: traveling above a metropolis, a village, filming in the streets, inside a church …. This stays a revolutionary tool, even if the pictures have grow to be commonplace on television, as in the Reports Racines and Wings, for illustration.

This tool is obtainable to the greatest variety, is not it?

Yes. Whereas in the outdated times it was important to use substantial usually means of filming: planes, helicopters, and so forth. These days, the drone makes these stories financially obtainable to the greatest variety: municipalities, businesses and even personal people today. Even so, it is a system that requires a prolonged follow to possess all the subtleties. This is what makes all the variation between us and the amateurs!

To fly the device obeys specific constraints …

Certainly, the drone by itself has to be accredited , This sort of as an airplane, by the Directorate Basic of Civil Aviation. Then the regulations are strict. Overflying locations are hugely regulated, in agglomeration and earlier mentioned sensitive locations. We also have to regard the privacy of persons. We happily get licenses. This permitted us to movie the Eiffel Tower 3 months back.

Get hold of : tel. 06 66 fourteen 52 19. Website: www.readyprod.com

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