This is the best 5 incher I have ever flown. It’s powerful, it’s smooth as butter, and with a 5mm main plate, you better believe it’s durable. The fun doesn’t stop there, it’s packed with features, things that will make your flying experience easier, better, and most importantly: funner.

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▬Kopis1B -only works w/frsky XSR

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  1. Hey danq,
    I would recommend the avant Devel 5 if you’re an experienced pilot it is just 58 dollars more Nd it has crazy performance
    Check out uav futures review

  2. Flies impressive. I was worried the 5mm frame would add unneeded weight, but it still seems light and agile. So far I've only done a short LoS test with mine, and the punchouts even on 3S were amazing already. Flying with stock tune? What power setting did you select for the VTX?

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