We made a complete Thanksgiving dinner using the X-Star Premium Drone from Autel Robotics!

Note: We do not recommend trying this at home 🙂

Check out our attempt at cooking peeling, chopping, mixing, and deep frying with the X-Star Premium 4k Drone!

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  1. I have one of these….hmmmm……NAH. Just Fly it and have a good time taking beautiful videos and photos. This video is funny. Brilliant humor!

  2. Keep up the good work i hope you win the white devil company…… that takes our money and every three months releases a new model with no care about its customers

  3. Actually I am gonna make a giveaway of your product in one of my channel… Can u please recommend via ur video? If yes, reply to this comment so that I'll start doing the giveaway……. I have the drone ready…. Just In need to spread the news regarding it…. And followed, type yes in reply to make me aware that u guys r interested…. Thanks…. Regards

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