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Hey guys! Welcome to this video in my How to fly FPV quads series. In this video I’ll be going over the basics of hovering, the science behind it, how you can improve your hovering and how you can practice it in the liftoff simulator.



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Song Title: Convalesence – Overlooking Eternity
Artist: Anima
Record Label: Enough Records

How-to Fly FPV Quadcopters / Drone – “HOVERING”
How-to Fly FPV Quadcopters / Drone – “HOVERING”
How-to Fly FPV Quadcopters / Drone – “HOVERING”


  1. I've watched most of your videos, yesterday at work. I'll just say thank you sir!! I'm new af to this hobby and fly a bwhoop bo6 in my house because it's cold. Yesterday I could fly straight, hit a wall and repeat. Today I'm navigating my house. I can now fly a whole battery through my house and not crash once!!! Truly amazing! Thank you

  2. Just got my first FPV quad and these videos are great man. have not even used the FPV goggles yet but soon ill be confident enough to give it a go. You've got a new subscriber 🙂 Matt, Johannesburg South Africa

  3. I find it hard for me to fly because of the fpv video quality. Because I don't have the best goggles, it's quite hard to get a sense of movement. I could be going 40 mph but in the fpv camera to me it looks like I'm barley even moving, then bam I crash hard :/
    The goggles I have are makefire wich I only paid about $100

  4. nice man , I have laptop that i5 , can dowoload lift off simulator because one of my friend he said thad doesn't work with home , hou much graphic soft ware need fro liftoff simulator ,, please advise

  5. Thanks for the instruction. Reminds me a lot of the instructions for flying rc chopper. Good work. Laughed my ass of regarding the chop your head off comment…

  6. Just bought a Walkera F210. Did first flights. Going good so far and your vids and VERY, VERY helpfull. Fell in love in racing drones during CeBIT 2016 and finally leveled up a bit to handle F210. .That is a hell of a hobby! Regards from Poland and all the best FVP Academy

  7. Does the type of transmitter you have effect control in any way? I have a fairly cheap Fly-Sky transmitter and I feel like it maybe if getting a good $100+ transmitter might help me…

  8. Hello Jack!

    For me it feels like pitchroll is happening too fast even if stick is moved just a little bit, at your videos it looks way bettersmoother. Do you have any idea why it's happening?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Hi Jack, I'm so glad I found these vids. As a complete newbie I was trying to run before I could walk. I'll be much more confident next time out by following these and progressing sensibly. Fingers crossed

  10. when lifting off my quad keeps going up at the same throttle as video (same quad) I am using a taranis plus. is this something with transmitter settings or in game setting?

  11. Great video! I'm using RealFlight Drone sim and it works pretty well. I've flown 6G only for about 2 years. I've not flown' full Acro but I'd like to start and your vid's are GREAT for me to learn what I need to practice. Thank you!

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