Larger flight time and capacity to carry large loads has the hybrid – as it is both electric and gas-powered – Airborg 10K: This is a drone of Top Flight Technologies, which, according to the company, is light enough to fly but And strong enough to carry loads

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As reported by Reuters, Airborne 10K can fly for up to three hours, loaded with a load of four kilos. "Airborn is the UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle, unmanned aircraft) platform that faces three challenges for all multi-wheel-driven drones: The ability to fly for many hours , Significant load transfer and sufficient power for sensors and data communication. "

Manufacturers claim that the drone is suitable for long-range observation / observation missions, and can also be used in areas such as infrastructure, agriculture, safety and shipping

The Airborg 10K uses petrol to operate an internal engine that keeps the battery and electronic systems charged. Although it requires refueling, thedrdrone does not need to charge its batteries – a process that is particularly time consuming in conventional drones on the market, most of which are powered by a battery and have the ability to fly only 15-30 minutes

The Airborg 10K has already been released to the market at $ 100,000 and can be modified to meet the needs and requirements of each customer


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