ProDAD has long been known as a Windows oriented tools for post video work, especially in fixing CMOS and “action cam” issues such as “bent horizon”, so called jello effect and especially stabilisation problems.

These effects are probably most notable on footage from GoPros, Action Cams and of course, drones.

mercalliThe company has a base product called ProDrenalin that at Auscam we have used many, many times successfully with clips from GoPros, Sony Action Cams and even camcorders, dSLRs and 4/3rds mirrorless cameras during our test when sticking cameras in race cars, on drones, when fishing or on boats, throwing motor bikes around or just generally messing about – as we are wont to do at times!.

It’s bigger brother, Mercalli, has even more features and is now available for the Mac as a standalone product, and of interest to the myriad of Adobe Creative Cloud users, will also act as a plugin for Premiere and After Effects (as it does for the Windows version too of course).

Both versions support full clip editing and fisheye warp removal, batch processing, and advanced ProRes format support.

When Mercalli analyses a clip, graphs are available to see just how much movement there is on the three main axes as well as roll and yaw and even colour correction can be performed.

The below video shows an example of just how effective Mercalli is with is smoothing capabilities, removing all jarring and jumpiness in a single pass.

GlideCam Example from Phil Hoppes on Vimeo.

But as mentioned, there is more than just stabilisation. Mercalli has also:

  • Fully automatic rolling-shutter correction of jello/skew/wobble effects
  • Maximum comfort for a flexible workflow by including the SAL standalone application also
  • Lower need for zoom-in than earlier stabilization products
  • Dynamic camera mode retains the flavour of the video during stabilization
  • Automatic scene change detection allows one stabilization pass for several scenes
  • Eliminates jitter in video, even in zoom/pan moves
  • Smoother results for all video recordings, for Handycam as well as Steadycam
  • Unlimited Multi-core CPU support for super-fast renderings
  • Full resolution preview for fast and efficient fine-tuning
  • No need for keyframes or time-consuming tracking points
  • Superior ease of use: Load video – stabilize – go!
  • Full 32-/64-Bit Support for the Standalone application as well plug-ins for popular editing solutions

If you are a Windows user, Mercalli is also available as a standalone package, or a plug in for Magix Vegas, MovieStudio, Movie Edit and Movie Video, Adobe Premiere / After Effects, Pinnacle Studio, Grass Valley EDIUS, Corel VideoStudio Pro and AVID Studio, Media Composer and Symphony.

To celebrate the launch of Mercalli for the Mac, ProDAD tell us they have introduced a special 20% discount got a short period. If you use the promo code 17summer20, this will be invoked at the time of purchase online at they say.

Oh and if you were wondering if the name Mercalli had any significance, yes it does!

Giuseppe Mercalli was an Italian volcanologist and Catholic priest. He is best remembered for the Mercalli intensity scale for measuring earthquakes.

So there 🙂

PS: Of course, there is a trial version of Mercalli (and all ProDAD apps for that matter) so you can give it a whirl. We really suggest you do! Go to the website to download any of the ProDAD apps for a test run.

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