I'm back. Why? It's been a long time since I've been blogging since I was "stuck" with a new hobby … ..DRONES.

Well … .which can be stuck with this drone? By all the youtube article. Ntah what happened to "accident" found video drone FPV like this ni . Amacam, excited not? Not excited … .ok fine ….

Anyway, I'm excited. So I also "google", to "youtube" & to "forum" the article drone and see that:

 IMG_0692 "src =" https://sajasuka2.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/img_0692.jpg?w=300&h=300 "title =" "class =" alignleft size-medium wp- image-373 "/> </p>
<p> Parrot Minidrone Rolling Spider name him. Jealous, big palms and control via je mobile phone. Not le sophisticated but good enough le for me who just learned. So, this is my first 1st drone. But the spoils, he has FPV capability. I'm a FPV, ready to chase me fly FPV from the bottom of my house to the top floor, to check what my child is doing. So …. I gotta find another drone. </p>
<p> So, back to Mr Google, and I see you later: <br /> <img data-attachment-id= here see you later on that .. ..adoiiii … ..

WL Toys V686G name him. There is FPV capability, big size, fit outdoor fly, and the most important feature and what I buy is … ..murah. The price is cheaper than my H107D (damn 👊😾🐷🐖⚡️).

I survey2 at google, youtube, forum drone article nih. So far there are not many problems … ..so I bought (💸💸💸). Not drone aje, parts buy once early 2 because that kind of like H107D, brush motor, so it should have spare.

So the game starts I fly outdoor. Compare to H107D, who is flying FPV is not as attractive as H107D. H107D fly FPV is again the best and easiest possible because of cenonite and indoor. That's a little bit hard. Anyway, I fly LOS (Line Of Sight) to use it and capabilities that he has to capture photos and videos of fly times are quite interesting. So when dah fly outdoor, amek video mcm dlm youtube, mulai saya pikir "Jika aku ada drone yg bisa buat ……" dan aku pun mulai usha drone yang lebih sophisticated, yang memang digunakan untuk ariel photography … ..GPS drone .

So ……… (you guys know what happen lah …… ..big G big Y big F (Google, Youtube, Forum) … .. Dah panjang dah nih .. We continue next post lah .. Anyway, below is a glimpse of what I fly now 😉.

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